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DN-1 Pendant Lamp
A special luminaire designed to highlight the specialist's desk.Typical dimensions are 600x300 mm, but any other dimensions with a side up to 1100 mm are possible.
	High Color Rendering Index (Ra 95+).
	Powerful light output.
	Low power consumption (approx 60 W).
	Long life ( > 50 000 h).
	Fully aluminum body-radiator.

It is usually used in ceramic workshops, where accurate transmission of shades is important.In the basic version it measures 600x300 mm.Equipped with a contactless touch switch, triggered by a wave of the hand.
High color rendition is achieved due to the use of special light-emitting diodes, the emission spectrum of which is as close as possible to the natural solar spectrum (CRI 95+).
Thus, the illuminated restorations look the same as under natural sunlight.
The light flux of the DN-1 shadowless lamp is identical to approximately 5 standard 100 Watt incandescent lamps.In this case, the lamp DN-1 consumes only 60 watts of electricity.
The illuminated objects are not subjected to additional heating, since the light of this lamp almost does not contain the infra-red component.
The aluminum housing serves as an efficient radiator for removing heat from the LEDs, which prevents overheating of the LED crystals and positively affects the service life of the luminaire.
Each lamp is equipped with a mounting kit with self-clamping collets on the cables.
The price of 25,000 Russian rubles is equivalent to about 350 euro.
(At the rate for March, 2018).
Free delivery to Europe.Delivery time: 10 to 30 days.
The purchase can be made through the services of Ebay.In this case, the guarantee of the delivery of goods and the return of funds is controlled by a recognized world leader in international trade.
If you wish to buy through Ebay, please let us know by e-mail: info@delvel.ru

DN-1 Pendant Lamp

25,000 руб.Цена

    • Интенсивность освещения, (на высоте 0,6 метра): 2 200 Lux

    • Потребляемая мощность: 60 W

    • Общая масса: 5 кг

    • Типовые размеры: 600 х 300 х 50 мм

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